Why Every Geek Needs A Projector

Projectors In Use

During the early 2000s, projectors began to gain traction as being a method to display content from a computer for large groups of people to see. Many of these projectors were high-priced and too bulky to move from one location to another with ease. As technologies advanced, projectors have decreased in price and in weight. In some circles, it is currently common place to see a projector in the palm of a computer geek as he demonstrates software for a client. Projectors have become a useful tool and fun entertainment device for the technically inclined. Learn more about projectors at Dell.com

Demonstrations to Potential Clientele

There are many IT professionals that utilize a projector in order to demonstrate software, websites, or videos to potential clients. From the projector, PowerPoint presentations, graphic designs, and more can be displayed from the individual’s laptop. Not only can this emphasize the subject matter, but it adds a flare of professionalism that could enhance the client’s view of the individual.

Have 150″ of Potential Detailed Display with the Right Projector

Many LCD projectors can create a detailed, viewable area of 150″ or more. While this may be more wall space than most households can afford for TV watching, it makes for a great movie night. Add in a surround sound system and some popcorn and save money from going to a theater. As most projectors have input for VGA, HDMI, SVideo and A/V cables, nearly any kind of entertainment device can be plugged in and blasted across the living room wall.

Dell Projector Australia

Game Characters Are Almost as Tall as You Are

Can you imagine playing your favorite first-person-shooter on 150″ of display? Many LCD projectors have the ability to show resolutions of 1280 or better, which gives computer gaming a whole new definition. With a screen that size, every small detail that you could have missed before could be the size of a small cat. With the right sound system, an explosion in game may cause you to change your pants. Your MMORPG gaming could be amplified by near life-sized characters opening a whole new world of adventure.

Only for a Limited Time

The only downside to excessive use of a projector is the replacement of bulbs when the inevitable happens. While technology is assisting in keeping projectors online, everything has a breaking point. Some of these bulbs may cost more than $100 to replace depending on the unit. However, many projectors can handle more than 50,000 hours of use before a bulb replacement is needed. For the added flare to house and job, this is more than enough to justify owning a projector in many eyes.

Regardless of client demonstrations or entertainment value, the projector can be quite the versatile addition to a computer geek’s arsenal of goodies. They are easy to assemble, transport, and will add a level of class to any situation. Enjoy the fruits of technology and investigate the possibility of owning one yourself. The neighbors may hate you, but your friends will never leave.

The Science Behind Projectors

So how do projectors work? Click here to get more information about how they work. There are typcially two kinds of projectors. Either LCD or DLP, LCD projectors Use a light also known as a lamp to shine through a prism that splits the light into colors utilizes panels then through small panels to create pixels then magnified via a lens and onto the screen.

LCD Projectors Diagram

DLP projectors use a similar bulb that shines through a color wheel then into microchips that create the pixels magnified by a lens to show on a screen.

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