Reducing Fuel Consumption

Reducing Fuel Consumption
Most of the cars that are used across the world are powered by fossil fuels and we know that greenhouse gases are released when fossil fuels are burnt. Even though there are many emission norms that have been put out by governments for vehicles, there are still emissions that are released from the vehicles that can cause global warming. These norms have only reduced the amount of greenhouse gases that are released and not eliminated them.

So one has to still try whatever is possible to reduce consumption of fuel so that they can save on money and reduce pollution. By car pooling, using mass transportation or by walking or cycling, one can reduce the consumption of fuel, but there are often situations where you will have to use your vehicle and there are ways in which you can reduce fuel consumption while using your car.

 Ways To Save Fuel

  • Avoid speeding as the car will consume more fuel when traveling at higher speeds.
  • Maintain a constant speed with minimal use of brakes to get the maximum fuel efficiency
  • It is always better to combine errands and to plan your route before you set off.
  • Remove any unnecessary weight from the car as they will harm your mileage.
  • If you are at a traffic signal, shut off the engine instead of idling as it can save a lot of fuel
  • Ave the tires inflated to the recommended tire pressure. Under inflated tires tend to increase fuel consumption.
  • Shift to higher gears quickly as the engine is more efficient in higher gears.
  • Always tune your engine at regular intervals to ensure that they are in good working condition


Alternate Options To Fossil Fuel Driven Cars
There are alternate fuel options that are available nowadays and you can opt for such greener fuels to help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Using hybrid cars or electric powered cars is a great option and there is a lot of development that is happening with regard to hybrid cars which combines electric motors and internal combustion engines to power the car and can greatly help in increasing the efficiency of a car. Use of bio-fuels is also a better option when compared to fossil fuels and there are many outlets that have bio fuel options.

Need To Reduce Dependence On Fossil Fuels
One has to remember that fossil fuels are not renewable sources of energy and that they will run dry one day. Our dependence on fossil fuels has resulted in an increase in the use of fossil fuels and this has lead to more pollution. The neediest to adopt alternate fuel and energy options are increasing as we are reaching dangerous levels when it comes to pollution and it is time that we took notice of it and did something to reduce pollution caused due to fossil fuel burning. As there are a lot of options that are now available like alternate fuels and bio-fuels one should not find it tough to switch over to a cleaner source of energy to power their vehicles and ensure that they do their bit in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.