Environment Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability
Sustainability refers to preserving something that is dying out fast. The term environment sustainability was coined to represent the rising pressure on our natural reserves and environmental elements.  This pressure is a direct result of rapid urbanization and economic development. With cities and industrial areas spreading its territory, we have lost almost 80% of our natural forests, reservoirs and rivers. There is a huge shortage of food grain and drinking water in several nations which has forced their governments to implement strict rules against encroachment and industrial settlements.  Air pollution, one of the biggest environmental issues; has resulted in serious climatic changes, which in turn has affected every aspect of human existence. Environmental sustainability is a comprehensive term that encompasses concepts of nature conservation as well as protection.

Controlled Urbanization
In the view of environment sustainability United Nations have released several restrictions against unplanned urbanization. In every country industrial leaders are held responsible for controlling their commercial activities with a view to protect their nation’s natural reserves. Environment conservation has been promoted as a major social responsibility of business communities. This is forcing several industrialists to relocate their factories and production units to remote locations. Pollution is one of the major threats posed by rapid and uncontrolled urbanization. In several countries congested metropolitan cities have become polluted beyond repair. As a result, both government and non-government commercial sectors are now promoting the concept of green city or smart cities that run on smart and ecofriendly technologies.


What Is Green Construction?
Green construction is an important aspect of environmental sustainability or sustainable development. Since construction is the basic foundation of all sorts of developmental activities, environmental enthusiasts are putting a huge pressure on this industry.  Green construction is a result of different types of eco-friendly building technologies that helps us in creating building structures that consume minimal energy for their operation and produces minimal non-recyclable wastes right from the beginning. Houses that are built to run on renewable green energy resources like solar fuel and bio-gas are generally termed as green houses or green buildings. Such buildings are made in a different way. They have special windows and doors that allow full-fledged natural lighting. Unlike other eco-friendly activities, green construction is highly in demand because it helps house owners in saving lot of money on electricity and maintenance.

Sustainable Economic Development
Every economy in our world is trying to reduce its expenses and debts through various measures. In the light of recent economic changes, every country is trying to achieve the goal of sustainable development. In several developed nations government organizations are spending on people so that they can switch to renewable energy sources and quit depending on conventional energy. The rising cost of petroleum has created a lot of economic troubles in several developing countries of Asia and Europe. Consequently, these nations are trying to make use of natural or renewable energy sources for their commercial as well as non-commercial needs.  Industrialists are trying to develop various types of green technologies that are not only ecofriendly but also cost effective and affordable.