A Few Fundamentals of Solar Power

Solar power—environmentally friendly, yet perplexing and esoteric. How exactly does solar power work? Many people who use solar power fail to understand the process by which electricity is produced through the absorption and transferring of sunlight into energy. In recent years, solar power has come a long way, and with the earth’s natural resources diminishing, the demand for these resources increasing, and a weakening ozone layer, solar power is more relevant than ever before, and is consequently increasing in popularity, valued for its eco-friendliness.

Solar panels are the object most closely associated with solar power, yet solar panels alone do not convert sunlight into electricity. Solar inverters are a necessary tool used to convert the energy from the sunlight and generate the alternating current (also known as the AC), which is in turn used to directly power your home’s electrical appliances.

Going solar can be an economic and environmentally friendly investment, and there are a number of different companies which can provide you with the tools and products you need to turn your home or business solar.

There are a number of different solar modules produced by various companies such as Yingli, LG, and Suntech. Similarly, there are a variety of solar inverters for purchase, all of which are reliable and ideal for the conversion of your solar panel’s stored sunlight into usable energy in your home or workplace.

SMA inverters are well known in the market for their reliability, efficiency, and longevity, and are produced right here in the United States. SMA is the largest manufacturer or inverters, and is based out of Denver, Colorado, making it one of the most popular solar providers in the world.

Fronius IG Plus inverters are high-tech, high-efficiency inverters, and Fronius prides itself on manufacturing high-powered, reliable, and durable products, and distinguishes itself as one of the world’s only solar inverters capable of functioning at temperatures over 120 degrees. Because of its heat resistant and weatherproof qualities, Fronius is perfect for scorching hot desert regions, such as parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Conducting sunlight can be one hot job, but Fronius products are well prepared to take on the heat and operate successfully in even the hottest of climates.

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Power-One solar inverters are another American-made product  which is unique because of its multi-directional solar conductions. The Aurora-Uno inverter has the capability to conduct sunlight from multiple directions, and filter it into the same inverter, so even when the sun isn’t facing one of your panels, another will compensate for it, providing you with the maximum power.

Whether you choose Fronius, SMA, or Power-One solar inverters, each of these products has their unique and specific qualities. All three of these inverters are reliable and trustworthy, and are more than fit to help you in your quest for solar power and environmentally friendly energy use.

The time to buy is now, and a limited number of grants are available through the 2009 government stimulus bill to encourage you to switch to solar. A federal tax credit is offered through the government, and awards new buyers of solar products a 30% rebate on the total purchase amount. In California, additional grants may be available, yet these grants are limited by number and are a one-time offer only.

Investing in solar will save you money in the future, and you can start the trend of environmentally conscious energy, doing your part to save our depleting and necessary ozone layer.