Epoxy Adhesive Dispensing Metering Pump

Adhesive dispensing systems
There is a wide range of adhesive dispensing systems in the market today, which are available in different shapes, sizes and used for dispensing different kinds of adhesives. The equipments are of various varieties like dispensing guns, syringes, bottles and cylinders. The usage of each variety depends on the kind of work to be accomplished. The design of the dispensing systems is versatile so as to make it useful for a variety of industrial works. Dispensing systems are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel material in order to give it longer life.

The pressure of dispensing varies from system to system depending on the kind of usage. Most of the dispensing systems have pressure gauges, which can be used to set the desired pressure. The dispensers come with a range of accessories suitable for different jobs.

Epoxy is an adhesive material which is used widely in almost all industries. It is a very versatile adhesive and works well for filling adhesives in cracks and fissures of industrial products. Therefore, the flexibility of use of the epoxy adhesive dispensers is to be ascertained before purchase. The epoxy adhesive dispenser metering pump is equipment that allows the user to change the pressure of the pump in order to modulate the ejection of epoxy from the nozzle. These pumps are very efficient for dispersing fluids of different viscosities since the inlet and outlet pressures can be equalized. The application of adhesive can be done uniformly and without wastage.

Glue dispensers
Glue dispenser are used in industries to bind materials. There is a lot of variety available in glue dispensers with features such as vacuum mechanism to prevent leakage of the glue, in built timer and with pressure adjustments. Some dispensers work on the rotary system and have air filters, which are useful is keeping dust out of the air compressors. The speed of dispensing can be controlled with the valves and pedals provided on the dispenser. The input power differs in different dispensers. In addition to glue dispensers, glue machines can be used to smear glue on work pieces of different sizes and shapes.

Other dispensing systems used in industries
The other dispensing systems are tape dispensers and oil and fluid dispensers. Water, soap and paper dispensers can be used in everyday life. Dispensing systems are widely used in dispensing hand sanitizers. Water dispensers have varied uses. They can be used in gardens, cleaning services and showers.