Use Solar Power To Reduce Your Energy Bill

Solar Power

It is all around us, but we still do not capitalize it as much as we can. Solar power is considered to be the most readily available earth resource that we have and no matter where you live, there is every opportunity to make use of the solar power to generate electricity in a green way. You can get yourself a solar power installation and that will help you to generate the electricity that is needed for your home.  By using solar power installation you can reduce the energy bill that you pay every month to a great level and there are many homes across the globe that can sustain itself only on solar power without having to depend much on the energy that is supplied by the power company. Some homes produce enough electricity through solar power generation, which they are able to send power back to the grid and make money out of it.

 Benefits Of Solar Power Generation

  • One of the most important benefits of solar power is that it does not involve burning of any fuel and therefore will not release any green house gases into the atmosphere.
  • As it is a natural resource that is free there is no cost that one has to pay apart from the initial setup costs
  • The maintenance that is required for solar power installations are minimal and they can run for thousands of hours without having to do any maintenance
  • You can become independent of the grid and that means you will not have to depend on the grid for power and in places where there is frequent power outages it is a great boon
  • Many governments have tax credits or subsidies for people who are purchasing solar power systems for their home.
  • There are solar power systems available in a wide variety of costs and therefore even with a lower budget you can get yourself a solar power system.

Disadvantages Of Solar Power

  • The efficiency of solar panels is still very low and is around 22% in the costlier models and therefore complete utilization of solar energy is still not attained
  • Solar panel systems require sunlight to produce electricity and if you live in a region where there is less sunlight throughout the year, solar panel system may not be the option for you.
  • Storing solar energy is still not completely developed and though solar panels are bulky it can only produce and not store electricity
  • Major disadvantage is the cost that is involved in setting up a solar power system and even with subsidies will still cost you a lot of money

Solar Power Systems For Home

There are many people who have now opted to go for solar power systems in their home and in spite of the high installation costs are slowly gaining momentum. It is very popular in places where the grid can take back power and pay you money for it and people have understood that with that option, they will be able to recover the initial cost a lot faster. The initial costs maybe high, but with ever increasing energy costs the initial setup cost will be recovered in a few years and therefore we have people starting to opt for them and are thereby saving on their energy bill.