Space Debris

The issue of space debris is something people can’t fail to talk about now since it has proven to be a problem. Some of the thing that man will stand to loss is the satellites which have used millions of money to build and maintain up there in the skies. Those space debris are estimated to have accumulated over the years following the many space missions that have take place in the past. People have already suggested a robot be sent to help in the cleaning of the space but the questions is how ? These are some of the dangers man has found himself in.

It is said the greatest expedition man ever took was making a trip to moon, form this point onward man conquered the skies. Perhaps one astronaut that is famous for making that daring trip to moon was Neil Armstrong who together with his colleague became the first people to ever set foot on the moon. Such space missions have been carried through out the world and the significance they have brought to man have been great. Unfortunately a problem has presented its self in the space threatening the space missions. That problem is the space debris. These are usually organic or inorganic object that hang on the orbit of the skies.

Since that first tour to the moon man which made man conquer the skies, man has used the space by posting satellites which have promoted the development of communication in our world today. The communication that we enjoy today could not have been had the satellites not been posted in the skies. These instruments are suspended in space and are believed to revolve around the axis of the earth. Unfortunately with the recent surveys that have been conducted in the skies reveal the existence of space debris is destroying these satellites and unless the problem is solved the world risks losing very important satellites that play a major role in our lives.
Space Debris
Space debris has elicited very strong reactions to many who have felt the problem will present more harm is not addressed. Especially the American company which is called the NASA that is responsible for sending many space trips in the world, have raised concerns of the dangers these space debris cause to their space rockets. At many occasion astronaut have complained of being hit with object while in the space which can cause dangers to the lives of the crew. Many stake holders in the space community have deliberated ion the possible solution to ending the problems.

The space debris has not only caused a problem to the space shuttles but is as also caused problem to the people who live on other. It may seem unrealistic but in many parts of the world cases have been reported of large metallic objects that have been witnessed falling from the skies. This has raised so many concerns among many people who have wondered just how safe a4re they from such unusual debris fall. A solution should be found and fast, spaces debris will continue being a threat to man.