Some Predictions About Solar Power From The Industry Experts

Coping Up With The Inefficiencies Of Solar Power

Human beings are relying too much on conventional fossil fuels such as oil and gas for their power requirements. It is only a matter of time before such fossil fuels become exhausted forever. Perhaps this can explain why many world governments are asking the citizens to start considering renewable energy sources. We are already experiencing a minor reversal in the trend of relying too much on nonrenewable energy sources. A couple of decades back, solar power was highly expensive. While it is possible to trap solar energy with the help of suitable mechanisms, the energy conversion process was tedious and less efficient.

Solar Power Has Become Highly Inexpensive

However, advancements in the green energy technology have enabled solar power to become inexpensive these days. According to some sources, solar power is turning out to be much cheaper than coal. Likewise, we need to take into account of the fact that renewable energy sources are becoming much more accessible to the commoners. According to the predictions of industry experts, we will :-

  • Begin to experience an unprecedented growth of various renewable energy sources within the next 40 to 50 years
  • Experience a drastic shortage of the conventional fossil fuels such as oil and gas leading to high prices

Despite its shortcomings, many experts are predicting that solar power will turn out to be a premier source of renewable energy in the coming years. In fact, the International Energy Agency is suggesting that at least a third of the world will start depending upon solar power by 2060. The future for solar energy is looking bright especially in the European countries. The European Renewable Energy Council predicts that the entire European Union will be relying upon various iterations of solar energy in order to power the industries as well as residential consumers by the year 2050.

Steps Required For Improving The Penetration Of Solar Energy Use

Higher penetration of solar energy use is indeed viable if

  • More investment comes into the niche
  • The cost of arranging and setting up solar panels and the associated machinery falls

It is a matter of fact that many people residing in the developed as well as the developing countries are already using solar energy to power their homes and for indirect uses such as heating water. Sustainable energy is going to be the future whether we like it or not. It is a well-known fact that oil-producing companies are lobbying hard against the adoption of renewable energy sources. They fear that the widespread usage of renewable energy sources will diminish their yearly earnings.

Solar Power Can Replace Fossil Fuels Permanently

However, the amount of fossil fuels present within the earth is only going to diminish with the passage of time. Fossil fuels take millions of years to materialize and hence it is not easy to replace the diminishing fossil fuels like coal and oil especially at the current rate of consumption. It is high time to embrace renewable energy sources and various kinds of green technologies. The government is already offering various kinds of financial grants that can help you to purchase the entire arrangement required to harness solar energy into electrical energy for reduced prices.