Semiconducting Ink Technology Could Replace Bar Codes

RFID tag

Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are an increasing popular technology for various useful applications. Among other things, RFID tags are used at libraries, in passports, and for quick passage of toll booths.

The technology has now been taken a step futher. The invention of semiconducting ink could allow grocery store items to be scanned without the typical conveyer and bar code scanning process. The semiconducting ink, laced with carbon nanotubes, can be printed directly onto packages. The “new” type of printed bar code could hold information such as price, as well as information about how long the item has been on the shelf.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Due to the recent findings of being able to print directly onto a package, it costs only about three cents for each item. In comparison, the current use of RFID tags cost about fifty cents per implementation.

Researcher are still working on being able to increase the storage size of the new tags, but the technology is there. It is expected to get the tags to hold 96 bits of information in a 3-square-centimeter size tag.