Nature Reserves for the Future


Nature and the Next Generation

When one critically examines the way that we are using nature today, the future does not look bright at all. There is an insidious entry of people whose main interest is in advancing the concept of selfish capitalism. Everything and everyone must be exploited in the name of capitalism in order to embed a culture of consumerism. The concerns about the abuse of nature are normally brushed aside with insults directed at effete liberals who refuse to accept the realities of modern life.

However it does not have to be like this. We can all work in partnership with new technology such as carbon footprint software to ensure that the nature reserves that we have at our disposal are used in a responsible manner that concentrates on the benefits of the community in the long term.

One of the more intelligent princes in the European Union has constantly talked about the need to preserve things for the future generations. This type of preservative work is not about objects of wealth but rather recognition that nature is being depleted at a very fast rate. If we take the example of energy resources, it becomes very clear that throughout our economic development we have not considered the impact of our lives on nature.  It is only when we have realized that the party is over that we are now panicked into making piecemeal decisions that are designed to halt the rapid loss of nature reserves. There is a frustrating emphasis on the present which completely ignores the past and the future.

Nature and Public Action

The vast majority of the people in the developed world are living with the express purpose of enjoying themselves no matter what the impact is on the nature reserves that we still hold. Of course there is a price to pay but one wonders whether we are really willing to pay that price. When the storms started raging, the word community was spooked into giving vast amounts of foreign aid. Meanwhile they ignored the real problem of the over exploitation of nature reserves. This is not something that can easily be swept under the carpet. As long as we continue to over exploit nature, the effects will continue to be devastating and will affect all areas of our lives in due course.

Some people might argue that the banning of blatant consumerism is the first sign of socialism and is not about dealing with the problems of nature within the environment. However the problem with blatant consumerism still remains the fact that has unfortunate effect on nature. Eggs that could have been grown in the backyard are imported from miles away at vast expense in terms of the money itself and the carbon footprint. The lessons are there to be learnt but if people ignore them then we will learn the hard way. I am of the view that nature will destroy us if we do not take the time to look after it and pass it on to the future generations.