Nature and Global Warming – Be Careful


Keeping Nature Safe

For some people nature is a theoretical concept that is not rooted in the reality of living. However for other people nature is all about living. When we see the hungry lioness hunting down a resentful buffalo, we know that nature is at work. Those with a religious inclination have used nature to impose their own conservative adventures. It is rather ironic that those same people are the ones who do not seem concerned about the problem with destroying nature reserves.

The truth is that as human beings we have a great responsibility for looking after nature and passing it on to future generations. This responsibility has not always been taken seriously and some quarters of political thought have taken negative steps to prevent the growth of nature.

The degradation of the environment is one of the clearest signs that the human race is not really protecting nature. There are plenty of natural resources but they are not receiving the kind of care and attention that one would expect in such a development context. Rather we are obsessed with consuming things. We greedily search out all the fruits of nature and waste them for our own selfish enjoyment. The only time that we think about nature is when it strikes back by way of natural disasters. The politicians have caught onto the fact that nature studies and exploitation can become a source of great revenues. They have therefore developed tourism industries that aim to exploit nature to the maximum. As the resources dwindle, we will start to fight over the remainder.

Nature Strikes Back

The protection of a nature is no longer the preserve of our national administrations but rather a responsibility that can be embraced by everyone and anyone who is interested in the development of humanity. It seems that the study and exploitation of nature has become the norm in modern societies. Sometimes it even seems that people in the past were much better at using and protecting nature than the modern communities. If we take the example of our relationship with the land, modern children have lost that contact. For them food comes from the fridge and they express no interest in farming or other related activities.

Working from the perspective that nature is something to be appreciated it seems that the work that we put in will have to focus on certain issues that surround the environment and its usage. The political conservatives might eventually come round to the suggestion that nature is work protecting as we exploit it. When we talk of what is natural, we must also think about replacing what we have used and giving the earth a break from over exploitation.

That is the challenge for the modern environmentalist movement that is threatened from both sides by the sinister forces of conservative thought. Nature is a gift and we must not abuse it because we are not the people who have created it. The devastating effects of retaliation are well known.