Natural Resources – Natural Gifts In Danger

Classifying Nature

The programming on televisions tends to leave us with the impression that nature is all about the battles for survival that wild animals face. We forget to look at nature as a natural resource that needs to be protected at all costs. There are a number of things that collectively form the concept that is nature. In fact one can argue that the foundations of a nation are rooted in the natural resources that it has.

The developed countries will master their nature and natural resources in an effort to improve the lives of the citizens of that country. That is why Norway will spend its oil revenues on building infrastructure while some African countries will spend the revenues on buying private jets for the rich and famous. The difference in priorities will directly translate into the relative prosperity of the people living in the different nations. They both have the natural resources but are exploiting them in different ways.

Nature and Citizenship

In fact there are many instances where the countries that are not blessed with nature will outstrip those which have abundance. Once again the examples in Africa are salutary. For example there are countries in Africa were seeds will grow naturally once they fall on the ground. There is no need for watering and pesticides because nature will have taken care of things. On the other end of the spectrum is a country that is in the midst of a very dangerous desert but they then create avenues for agriculture through irrigation and land acquisition. We then have the ludicrous situation whereby a country like Egypt is giving food aid to a country in sub-Saharan African. This is all about how people use nature to develop the lives of their people.

Nature can be both a blessing and a curse. We have all heard about the oil curse that has destroyed communities in some countries. On the other hand other countries which nature has provided with natural gifts will be in danger of being invaded by the glory hunters who want to have a piece of that nature. Nature can also react quite angrily to efforts to destroy it. For example the degradation of the environment has led to horrendous storms that have destroyed lives and property. Nature is dangerous and challenging but it can also provide the focus for a developed society that is founded on the principles of controlled uses of natural resources.

The vast nature resources that are available to the community ought to be used for the express purpose of delivering a better quality of life for the ordinary person who wishes to enjoy their citizenship in peace. It is also imperative that the nature reserves that we are talking about are protected from the sinister acquisition of powerful nations.