Mobilize Energy Resources – Energy for All

Democratizing Energy Resources

One of the key battle grounds for all nations in the future will be the use of energy resources. As the world population continues to grow beyond the resource base that is available at the moment, it has become clear that some measures will have to be taken to restore the balance of resources and human need. These resources come from a variety of indicators including the natural resources. Politicians are not talking about energy independence as if the world is on the verge of ending. The process of moving towards energy independence might involve the forceful acquisition of assets that belong to other countries we have seen some of the resultant chaos in Iraq.

On the other hand it would appear to be unsustainable that some countries are relying on their natural resources to hold the world on ransom. Energy is an essential item for those countries that lie within the colder areas of the world. If no effort is made to democratize the energy sources for them one can safely say that they will be in a great deal of trouble.

Revolutions have been implemented on the basis of energy needs. When the winter hits, the elderly start to die if they do not have an adequate energy source. This then becomes a heated national security issue that can lead the different parties into outright war with one another.

Energy in a Global Village

The United Nations Organization does not seem to have a unified strategy for dealing with the issues of resources. Rather they rely on local agreements to settle individual disputes between countries. It is only in the recent wake of the climate change disasters that serious consideration is being given to the implications of the policies of the big powers in relation to energy usage. As it appears that the Middle East will not let go of its oil so easily, the problem of energy reserves will have to be dealt with from the perspective of a domestic strategy.

Whole economies will depend on the ability to mobilize the energy resources if they are going to survive into the future. The principle of the survival of the fittest will have to test the nations seriously. There is talk of alternative energy sources but the arguments are not particularly convincing and the target market is not particularly enthusiastic. Moreover the costs of modern technology are so high that many people wonder whether they can be delivered to the majority of the human race.

Those who have a social conscience outside their self interest recognize the dire straits that the human race finds itself in when we talk of energy resources. There are choices to be made if the politicians can get off their pulpits and get working. For example we might decide to use the energy resources that we have and hope for the best. Alternatively we might try to conserve until the reserves run out. The other solution is to find new sources of energy.