Is Tidal Energy A Viable Form Of Green Energy Source?

What Exactly Is Tidal Energy?

Many companies are currently looking at tidal energy as a form of renewable energy. In this brief discussion, we will be considering more about this form of renewable energy. The tides generated in the ocean when put to good use can generate lots of energy. Before we get into the details, it is important to understand that the moon place a considerable role in the generation of ocean tides. Ever since the prehistoric times, humankind has realized the importance of using the tides to his advantage. Back in the days, they use to make elaborate plans for journeys depending upon the frequency of ocean tides! The density of air is less when compared to water. Perhaps this can explain why tidal generators used for the production of energy utilize large turbines. By all probabilities, you may have already come across wind turbines. The turbines used for harnessing the power that is present in tidal waves is similar in nature; but they are much stronger.

How Is The Tidal Energy Put To Good Use?

Collection and storage of water occur during the high tide. As the tide recedes, the water is released back into the ocean. Turbines placed in the path of this water rotate in a high state manner and this leads to the generation of electric current. One of the well-known advantages of tidal energy is the fact that we can use it for high as well as low tides. The turbine generates the kinetic energy when water passes through it. Various parameters make tidal energy generation highly effective.

What are the advantages of using tidal energy for producing electricity? Some of them include

  • Tides are available throughout the year
  • We can use the system for low tides as well as high tides
  • Zero environmental impact makes it much better in comparison to other energy sources
  • Maximum levels of energy production can happen using the tides

What Is A Tidal Fence?

One of the best applications of tides is to create a tidal fence. The underlying intention is plain as will assemble – it is nothing but to collect the energy that is present within the tides to convert them into kinetic energy. We can then use it for the greater good. Vertical axis turbines are commonly used as tidal fences. One of the other vantages of using tidal fences is the fact that we can use the same arrangement to direct the water to the primary turbines. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to predict the occurrence of high as well as low tides and hence this form of energy generation is considered as very effective.

Why Should We Rely On Green Energy Sources?

In the meantime, we will consider certain other green sources of energy. They typically include

  • Wind energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Solar energy

It is only a matter of time before many people realize to the fact that they are misusing the existing resources while causing considerable damage to the environment. For the sake of illustration, the typical combustion of fossil fuels to produce energy will lead to the generation of greenhouse gases, which will only contribute to instances of global warming.