Invention in the Modern World – Inventor’s Life

Modernity and Invention

The creation of invention schemes in the modern world is primarily driven by our desire to have the creature comforts that were denied of our forbearers. Thus the modern home is not complete without the latest electronic equipment of household aids that enable the development of efficient methods of working. On an almost daily basis there is a new invention that is made to improve the lives of people.

The telemarketing and television sector have been particularly useful to those people who take an interest in invention. There are inventors who might very much like to make a living out of their talent but they are locked in by the inability to identify avenues for marketing their products.

The advent of modern marketing techniques has largely removed the influence of this particular problem. There are television channels that specialize in promoting and marketing the invention wares of those who are involved in the business. What happens is that someone will have an idea and then send it to a specialist for a prototype. That idea will then be put on the television for consumers to react. If they like the product, they will buy it and the store will order some more stock. If they do not like it then they will pull that product and move on to something else. It is a brutal system but it ensures that only the things that the public want are marketed and encouraged through the invention schemes.

Pressures on Invention

The life of an inventor is not the easiest to live. They have to put up with various impediments and disappointments before their products are accepted onto the market. During the promotion campaigns the invention is in danger of being stolen by other unscrupulous elements that might see a competitive advantage emerging.

The brutal rejection of the product on national television might turn out to be a harrowing experience. All in all it is not easy to become an inventor. Those that persist might be rewarded when their product acquires international reputation but behind the mask are thousands of failed inventors who have very little to show for their efforts in this area.

The market that inventors deal in is also ambiguous because it does not specify the products that will be bought. It has an element of trial and error that might not suit the temperaments of every person. Without a sponsor and patron, the inventor can become demoralized and lose focus on the things that are important in their line of work. They might give up on invention altogether and instead go for the mundane job that provides very little incentive for work and creativity.

In conclusion I would argue that the life of an inventor is still very challenging in the modern world. We have not yet reached a stage whereby we will fully respect the invention as an integral part of the development of a community or country. Until we resolve this issue, the industry will continue to be unstable and unworkable.