Invention and Development: – Role of People

Inventing New Things to Improve Lives

No development can be fully embedded within a society the presence of invention. This is the method by which new things are brought onto the market to improve the general lifestyle of the public. They are also brought in to deal with a specific problem that may have been identified as a particular issue for the community. The thing with invention is that it can cover virtually all sections of the community in one way or the other.Without invention the community becomes stagnant and unable to impose any level of understanding on the society within which people live.

The role of the people who carry out invention has been constantly changing within the community. In some areas they are revered as saviors of the community while in others they are simply ignored. The truth is that without the efforts of these people the community would remain at a given level without any thought being given to continuous improvement or development. The world today is a hub of competition with each nation trying to secure a competitive advantage over the rest of the world community. If we do not take the time to implement invention as a must for all peoples then we are leaving ourselves open to the criticism that we have not improved on the legacy that was left for us by our forefathers.

Creations that Work

Such is the nature of the invention trail that many people fail to fully appreciate its role in society. We then give credence to people who use certain items with skill rather than going back to the people who are responsible for getting that product on the market in the first place. In fact the abuse of copyright and fake products indicates the level of society’s indifference towards people who are responsible for invention. This is something that is not adequately addressed by governments of all colors and persuasions. For them the critical issue is the collection of taxes. Once this is fulfilled the rest can get stuffed.

Those countries that continue to work on their invention schemes will be the leaders of tomorrow. The American president keeps talking about technology as the key to the prosperity of that nation. Unfortunately many of his calls fall on deaf ears. The world is configured to accept that invention is only for the geeks or people with vested interests. As we attempt to solve the problems of energy dependency it becomes clear that invention will play an important role in these matters.

There ought to be some educational schemes that encourage people to participate in invention as well as good remuneration packages that work as an incentive. The alternative is to let things drift and hope that someone else will pick up the tab and ensure that invention is once again at the heart of the developmental plan for the community. People who think about their communities on a long term basis will already have the knowledge about the impact of invention on lives.