Green Fuel And Its Benefits

Why Use Green Fuel

Whenever we talk about fuel, we have always thought of only the fossil fuels that we are so dearly dependent on. But as we all know, fossil fuel resources are diminishing all over the world as the demand for energy is one the rise and this has meant that the prices of these fossil fuels are also shooting up. Our dependence on these fossil fuels is what has to be changes for the planet to survive as the more fossil fuels are being burnt, we will see more green house gases being released into the atmosphere. The effect of the green house gases is something that has been discussed a lot for the past few decades and yet we see very little that is being done to ensure that the usage of fossil fuels is reduced. The fact is that there is not much being said to the people and many of them are still unaware of what destruction these green house gases are doing to the planet. If this continues, then there may be no planet left for the future generations to live on.

Green Fuel

  • Green fuel is also known as bio fuel and is now being promoted as a substitute for the usual fossil fuels that are used to power our vehicles, generators etc.
  • Bio fuel is a type of fuel that is made by distilling plant and animal materials and are said to be less polluting and environmentally friendlier that the popular fossil fuel.
  • There are many types of green fuels that are now available and some of the popular ones are Ethanol and bio diesel.
  • These fuels are made from plants and animals and there is a new source for green fuel that is currently being researched and that is algae.

E85 (Ethanol Fuel)

E85 is the abbreviation that is used for a fuel blend that is made up of 85% denatured ethanol fuel and the remaining 15% is made of gasoline or any other hydrocarbon. Ethanol fuel is produced by using starch and sugar producing crops like corn and sugarcane. These crops are put through a fermenting process that produced ethanol. E85 is now being produced using bio waste too and there is a lot of research that is going into producing ethanol from bio waste as it will solve two problems in a go. Help produce bio fuel and also help to get rid of the bio waste.


Biodiesel is produced from oil producing plants unlike ethanol that is made from starch and sugar producing crops. Crops that can produce oil like sunflower, palm or any other vegetable oil can be used to make biodiesel and is something that is being increasing used in the US and Europe. There are different types of biodiesel like B20, B5, B100 etc and the number after the alphabet B depicts the volume of biodiesel that is contained in the fuel. B100 is pure biodiesel whereas B20 will have 20% bio diesel and the remaining 80% will be a petroleum product. Increasing number of trucks and buses are shifting over to biodiesel and that is a good sign say environmentalists but are not too happy with the pace at which green fuels are being promoted.