GPS Fleet Management System

Vehicle ManagementAnyone who owns a fleet of trucks knows the importance of keeping track of the same so that his business is not affected in any way due to the callous attitude of the drivers, theft or erroneous reporting.

The best way to ascertain this is by investing in a gps vehicle tracking device that will enable you to monitor the location of your vehicle from your laptop or personal computer or even a MAC as long as it has Internet connection. If you want nothing but the best for your business, you need not look any further that the web-based GPS fleet management and tracking system provided by Track What Matters.

Once you have hired their services, you can not only be certain about decreasing your costs but can expect a significant increase in your profits as well. In fact, gps tracking can help you cut down your costs to a large extent by reducing your response time, labor costs, fuel costs and helping in faster recovery of assets that have been stolen en route. Apart from that, it assists in checking any kind of damage that can be caused to the fleet equipment thus lowering the vehicle insurance cost as well. Lastly, but definitely not the least, using fleet tracking for vehicle management ensures that the drivers do not stray on company’s time or money and follow all the protocols that they are required to.

gps fleet managementThe GPS fleet tracking system provided by Track What Matter is extremely easy to use and does not call for any special training in computers. Anyone with basic knowledge about computers can use this web based application that does not need any software installation either. Furthermore, as no two businesses are alike, Track What Matter’s fleet tracking application can be customized to suit the specific needs of a particular business. This proves additionally beneficial for the business of our customers who can track any over-the-land vehicle that has the tracking device attached to it.

In case you have a substantial number of vehicles in your fleet and need to monitor them all, you can easily do so in a single map and track each of their track routes so as to ensure that there is no deviation. This tracking system also proves instrumental in preparing IFTA reports and provides mileage reports for various states. Some other useful features of the GPS fleet management and tracking system provided by Track What Matters include customizing speed limits and timesheet validation.