Energy and Nuclear Powers: – Nuclear Power for Energy Purposes

Cooling Down on Proliferation

Although politics and a hint or racism is at the heart of the Iranian conflict with some Western powers at the behest of Israel, it seems that energy could be one of the issues that drive this relationship. According to Iran they would like to become a recognized nuclear power because they use the power for energy purposes.

The veracity of these claims is rather shaky given the reputation that Iran has built over the years in terms of ratcheting up the pressure and refusing to comply with the instructions that are being imposed on it. However nuclear power can be an interesting source of energy.

Rather than fighting one another both Israel and Iran might decide to have some sort of energy creation system that would feed the entire Middle East. The dependence on oil is already crippling some economies in terms of their income and the ability to implement an independent foreign policy. That is why the use of nuclear power as a source of energy is quite attractive. Traditionally the nuclear power has been associated with the sinister motives of developed countries but now there is an avenue to rescue it into modern economic life.

Making Money not War

The use of nuclear power for energy purposes is both practical and ethical because it taps into the natural resources that a country has and then matches them to the need within the country which creates a perfect balance for economic development. It also turns nuclear energy away from the sinister motives of weapon manufacture. That way those people who have been campaigning for the voluntary reduction of nuclear weapons within the world will get their wish and there will be plenty of energy for other developmental purposes.

The one thing that tends to derail any efforts at bringing the nuclear question to a halt is the presence or absence of political will. The issue with political will is that most countries have been frightened into believing that when they stop gathering weapons, their opponents will successfully attack their nations. In fact certain nations freely admit that the residual nuclear weapons that they have are all for the purposes of acting as a deterrent.

The upkeep of nuclear weapons is very expensive and has left some wondering whether it is really worth it to continue to keep those systems when there has been no major attack in so many years. The proponents of nuclear weapons then counter by saying that the mere fact that there has not been an attack is proof that the deterrent is working and must never be removed. The debate will continue to rage on depending on which side of the arguments the reader has chosen to fall on. The bottom line is that the problems that are related to the energy industry and nuclear power will not go away and each super power has to come up with a strategy to reduce its output. If the funds happen go into making energy then it will be a win for the economy.