Debris Flow

Effects of Debris Flow
The environment is perhaps the greatest gift that was given to man; from it man has found material such as wood, food and shelter, these and many more have been found on the environment which has promoted the quality of life that man has been able to lead in many parts of the world. Unfortunately poor management of these resources and ignorance is to blame for the much harm that has been caused on the environment. Man has taken into cutting trees indiscriminately little knowing he’s harming the same environment that is supporting his existence. This has created many problems such as soil erosion, debris flow, lack of rains and many other effected that have threatened the environment.

Mostly debris flow will affect in very hilly places where the land is less strong depending with the type of soil that is there. Particularly one soil that is considered to be weak is the clay soil which when mixed with other factors can cause an area to experiences debris flow. This is why people are cautioned against building on these type f soil since they have grown be regarded as weak. When an instance of debris flows occurs in a region it threatens lives and property. People are advised to be wary when building houses in certain places to avoid putting themselves in danger.
Debris Flow

Another thing that can promote the occurrence debris flow is the steepness of an area. More often debris flow will be promoted by the gradient on the slope if the area has a history of having weak soils. When factors such as heavy rains pour in such areas the risk of this area experiencing mud flow is very high. Almost every year many cases of death related to these debris flow are reported through out the world perhaps an indication people should conserve their environment well to avoid such occurrence.

This why through out the world time and again people have often been advised to conserve the environment to avoid debris flow problems. In the past something like 6 years ago the world is said to have faced the biggest environmental scare which was referred to as the global warming. This concern came to the attention of very many world leaders who promoted the benefits of keeping our planet safe from destruction. Through out the world many awareness and campaign aimed at informing the people of the benefits of keeping the environment green were started.

Debris flow is an environmental issue which requires people to be informed on the benefits of having safe and well conserve the environment. People are ignorant of the fact that when the environment is destroyed today it will not only affect us but the coming generation that will come after us this is why it is very important to ensure the environment is protected. Governments through out the world using the internet, TVs and news papers have promoted awareness which has changed the perception of many people concerning their environment.