A Few Fundamentals of Solar Power

Solar power—environmentally friendly, yet perplexing and esoteric. How exactly does solar power work? Many people who use solar power fail to understand the process by which electricity is produced through the absorption and transferring of sunlight into energy. In recent years, solar power has come a long way, and with the earth’s natural resources diminishing, the demand for these resources increasing, and a weakening ozone layer, solar power is more relevant than ever before, and is consequently increasing in popularity, valued for its eco-friendliness.

Solar panels are the object most closely associated with solar power, yet solar panels alone do not convert sunlight into electricity. Solar inverters are a necessary tool used to convert the energy from the sunlight and generate the alternating current (also known as the AC), which is in turn used to directly power your home’s electrical appliances. … Read more

Making the Switch to Renewable and Natural Solar Energy

The switch to renewable and natural energy, especially for the homeowner (or even those involved in making the important environmental, energy, and financial related decisions within for profit and not for profit organizations), is something that has been strongly researched and considered over the past few years. Fossil fuels are a non renewable resource, which is no secret to anyone even mildly informed about either the economy or the environment. Thus, there will come a time when supplies of these non renewable resources are scarcer and scarcer, and then they will be either unavailable or extremely expensive.

This reduction in available resources will have a significant on the global economy, as is incredibly apparent via the gas and oil crises over the past decade as clear evidence of that. As the supply continues to decrease the demand will either stay the same or increase, and the price will only continue to soar further and further out of control. … Read more

Reducing Fuel Consumption

Reducing Fuel Consumption
Most of the cars that are used across the world are powered by fossil fuels and we know that greenhouse gases are released when fossil fuels are burnt. Even though there are many emission norms that have been put out by governments for vehicles, there are still emissions that are released from the vehicles that can cause global warming. These norms have only reduced the amount of greenhouse gases that are released and not eliminated them.

So one has to still try whatever is possible to reduce consumption of fuel so that they can save on money and reduce pollution. By car pooling, using mass transportation or by walking or cycling, one can reduce the consumption of fuel, but there are often situations where you will have to use your vehicle and there are ways in which you can reduce fuel consumption while using your car.

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Environment Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability
Sustainability refers to preserving something that is dying out fast. The term environment sustainability was coined to represent the rising pressure on our natural reserves and environmental elements.  This pressure is a direct result of rapid urbanization and economic development. With cities and industrial areas spreading its territory, we have lost almost 80% of our natural forests, reservoirs and rivers. There is a huge shortage of food grain and drinking water in several nations which has forced their governments to implement strict rules against encroachment and industrial settlements.  Air pollution, one of the biggest environmental issues; has resulted in serious climatic changes, which in turn has affected every aspect of human existence. Environmental sustainability is a comprehensive term that encompasses concepts of nature conservation as well as protection.

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Generating Energy From Waste

Waste To Energy
Energy from waste or Waste to Energy is the process by which energy or heat is generated by the incineration of waste. It is a type of energy recovery and is a process that will generally produce electricity or heat, or produce a combustible fuel like ethanol, methane, methanol or other synthetic fuels. There are a lot of benefits from using this technology and the benefits are not just to do with energy production, but waste disposal too. According to a white paper that was released by Solid Waste Association of North America, facilities that can generate energy from waste are economically sound investments and have a lot of economical and environmental benefits.

How Is Energy Generated From Waste?
The process of generating energy from waste is a simple process and involves only a few steps. … Read more

Green Fuel As Domestic Energy Source

Using Green Energy For Domestic Needs
Every homemaker or homeowner wish to bring down the total monthly recurring expenses incurred on items like electricity, water supply, gas etc. As per case studies, switching to green energy can reduce our electricity consumption by about 40%. Using green energy or green fuel can not only help us in promoting environmental sustainability but also allows us to save several hundred dollars on our monthly electricity and fuel charges. Several homeowners are switching to natural and renewable energy resources like solar energy and biogas for fueling their day-to-day domestic needs. As an eco-friendly citizen you might also have considered such practices at some point in time. However, if you are still not sure about how to work things out, learning about the benefits and working of different types of green fuel may guide you in the right direction.

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Green Engineering And The Use Of Such Principles

What Is Green Engineering
There is much emphasis on green engineering these days. It is the design of products and services or design of processes that help to conserve natural resources to optimal levels and will reduce the impact on the natural environment as much as possible. The term applies to housing as well as for automobiles, lights, different kinds of devices or systems which need engineering that can incorporate sound principles that are environmental friendly. Today green engineering is deemed to be more expensive than ordinary or traditional engineering methods. There are many countries that recognize the value of such work and the benefits for the society as a whole. Thus, countries and governments are providing tax breaks and incentives to those who are taking up green engineering.

How These Principles Are Taught
There are green engineers who take up special training in their fields of specialization: … Read more

Significance And Application Of Green Technology

What Is Green Technology?

Green technology is an umbrella term that includes a wide range of comprehensive devices, processes and procedures. Solar LED bulbs are one of the best examples of green technology. They have solar panels that store light energy from the sun and convert it into electric energy during the night. Primarily, any technical system, equipment or process that promotes or assists in environmental conservation can be titled as a green technology.  For instance, even a small device used for monitoring the extent of emissions released by a vehicle can be rightly termed as a green technology. Alternative terms used for green technology includes clean technology or perhaps environment technology. Eco-friendly features integrated into modern-day vehicles or machineries are often referred as advanced green technology.

Application Of Green Technology

As of today our environment is facing a multi-faceted threat posed by all sorts of human activities. Rapid urbanization and industrialization has made our cities polluted and congested. The environment we live in has become unsafe for children especially in metropolitan cities. This has forced several families to shift to less-crowded cities. Excessive emissions from automobiles, nuclear plants and thermoelectricity units have polluted our atmospheric layers with numerous greenhouse gases. All this highlights the importance of green technology that makes use of green fuels and works to prevent air and water pollution. Green fuels like solar and water resources are used for producing electricity at different rates. This has encouraged people to reduce the use of conventional energy sources.


Green Technology And Energy Conservation

Green technology denotes various applications that allow us to reduce pollution and preserve non-renewable energy reserves. If you notice, you would find that car and vehicles that need minimal oil consumption are more in demand. Nowadays, automobile manufacturers are striving hard to produce technologies that can minimize the consumption of gas and reduce the level of emissions. Smokeless oil, also known as FHS oil is a feature of new-age green technology that has immensely helped in controlling air pollution in big cities. Lighting and heating equipments that require less electric supply can also be regarded as a part of green technology. LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs and tubes are getting along popularly because they are well known for their power-saving properties. Stoves or burners that run on biomass energy are yet another important form of green technology. However, people who dislike biomass make use of solar cookers which are also fast and efficient.

Awareness About Green Technology

Compared to the advancements made in the field of green technology, the overall rate of awareness is fairly low. Even in developed societies, people are unable to fully appreciate the long-term benefits of green energy and different forms of green technology. In order to resolve this situation, natural reserve authorities have initiated different programs and plans that offer monetary support to people in return for adopting green technology. In many countries people ignore the potential of green technology because they are deterred by the initial investment required for installing different power-saving appliances and equipments. To conclude, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that lack of proper awareness has slowed down the spread of green technology.

Use Solar Power To Reduce Your Energy Bill

Solar Power
It is all around us, but we still do not capitalize it as much as we can. Solar power is considered to be the most readily available earth resource that we have and no matter where you live, there is every opportunity to make use of the solar power to generate electricity in a green way. You can get yourself a solar power installation and that will help you to generate the electricity that is needed for your home.  By using solar power installation you can reduce the energy bill that you pay every month to a great level and there are many homes across the globe that can sustain itself only on solar power without having to depend much on the energy that is supplied by the power company. Some homes produce enough electricity through solar power generation, which they are able to send power back to the grid and make money out of it.

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Use Of Environmental Friendly Cleansers

There is a lot of emphasis being given to the use of green and environmentally friendly products. Not only do industries need to stop polluting the atmosphere, we can also take up small initiatives to stop the pollution and the influence of harmful chemicals in our lives as well as the food and the air we intake. When it is spring and time for spring cleaning, there are many home cleaning products but they are all made of poisonous and harmful chemicals. These products are usually loaded with strong fragrances and odors as well as having harsh chemicals in them like the acids, bleach and ammonia.

Harmful Effects Of Indoor Cleansing Products
While the powerful cleansing agents might be great for fighting off tough stains, they contain harmful chemicals that can cause indoor air pollution. … Read more

Green Fuel And Its Benefits

Why Use Green Fuel

Whenever we talk about fuel, we have always thought of only the fossil fuels that we are so dearly dependent on. But as we all know, fossil fuel resources are diminishing all over the world as the demand for energy is one the rise and this has meant that the prices of these fossil fuels are also shooting up. Our dependence on these fossil fuels is what has to be changes for the planet to survive as the more fossil fuels are being burnt, we will see more green house gases being released into the atmosphere. The effect of the green house gases is something that has been discussed a lot for the past few decades and yet we see very little that is being done to ensure that the usage of fossil fuels is reduced. The fact is that there is not much being said to the people and many of them are still unaware of what destruction these green house gases are doing to the planet. If this continues, then there may be no planet left for the future generations to live on.

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Home Wind Power Systems

Wind Power

Using wind power is the alternative energy solution that is growing at a very rapid rate in recent years and it is considered to be ideal in places where solar power systems may not function to their ability because of the lack of sunlight. Wind power had been used in the early centuries where they were used in water pumps or in grain mills. The same technology that used to run the mills and the water pumps has been modified to make electricity and we are seeing a lot of windmill farms being erected by energy companies to tap the enormous wind resource. The most important fact is that the energy that is produced is clean and green and this is a good way for us to pay back to the planet by using greener energy. Using home wind power systems is a good idea and is considered to be cheaper to set up than solar power systems as there are no batteries involved. If the wind is high electricity from the wind power systems is used and when the wind is low electricity is drawn from the grid.

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Green Technology And Why Investors Should Invest In It

Green Technology And What We Mean By It

Many wonder what green technology is. As the name implies, technology that has a green purpose is green technology. Alternatively, it can be stated as technology that is eco friendly and will produce the least harm to the environment. The technology needs to have a long as well as short term impact on the environment that should be beneficial or at least not harm or deplete the planet of its natural sources. Thus, technology that works on self sustaining energy, takes into consideration safety concerns or works with less amount of energy than traditional technology is known as green technology.

Instances Of Green Technology
If you are not sure what is meant by green technology, it will become clear through examples: … Read more